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The Setting (please read, all new users!)

Below is a summary of the setting.

Tonka Bay is a small city on the coast of Georgia, quietly sleeping through the summer of 1994. Atlanta thrives, but Tonka Bay seems to remain the same as it ever was.

Tonka Bay also sports a rich history. It contains the starting line for a 200-year-old cross-country horse race, the grounds of an 19th-century mansion, the remains of long-abandoned museums, and even a rumored UFO crash. Altogether, a host of old artifacts collected in this town.

Perhaps as a result, urban legends abound here as well. One particularly prominent one is that children who are born in close proximity to one or more of these artifacts gain special powers. If these rumors proved to be true, wouldn't that be interesting?

And here are some general guidelines:

1. This is a character-driven RPG. You're free to formulate basic plots, but avoid railroading. Let the characters decide for themselves where to go and what to do.



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