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core motor

Elevator traction motor core introduction
The Elevator traction motor iron core is the new project of jiangyin hengtong co, most of the equipment is imported from China, and we are a strategic partner of steel company, we can get better raw material from them, Magnetic conductivity performance is good, the iron loss is lower. at first we can make a manual mold to manufacture some samples, according to the quality of the samples and the quantity of the order, high speed mold will be made and in high quality.
Elevator traction motor core Specification:
1. Thickness: 0.5mm
2. Stator: OD 450mm ID 344mm
3. Stator slot number: 56slots 72 slots(according to the drawing )
4. Material: 50WW600 50WW800 50WW470 50WW270 etc
5. Type of material coating structure: A coating
6. Application: elevator traction motor
7. Approved Certificate: SGS
Packaging of laminated iron core:
1. put the motor core die into Iron Cage,used in the short distance transport.
2. put motor stator rotor mould into wood box for export and long distance transport.
Delivery: according to the requirement
Application: all kinds of Elevator Motor
Quality control of Elevator traction motor laminations:
1. video measuring system
2. Direct reading iron loss test system
3. pulling tool
4. deflection tester
1. We have been approved by ISO 9001 certificate and manage the factory thoroughly according to the management system.
2. The production and marketing system not only improves the working efficiency but also assures the quality of product.
3. Our Motor Cores are equipped with a large amount of online test instruments so that they can ensure and improve the quality of product of product to take a leading position among the above products at home and reach the international standard.core motor



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