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Character: Sam Sultana

Name: Sam Sultan

Age: 17

Gender: M

Short Bio: Sam is an early grad from high school who is not really sure what to do with his life. He loves to work with animals, but he also likes math, and he likes to teach people about both of those things. He is confused. Sam is not very tall and kind of wide. He has lived in Tonka Bay his entire life. All of his friends are involved in school, so he spends most of his time with his dog, Mongo, a golden retriever. They have developed an extremely close bond.

Personality: Soft-spoken. Passionate. Thinks ahead, but often thinks too much and ends up overthinking.

Ability (get creative!): One day, Sam was walking Mongo through the neighborhood when it started to rain. Eventually, the rain grew into a full-on thunderstorm. Not wanting to waste time, Sam decided to take a detour through a field that hadn't produced any crop for a long time. There was a tarp over part of the field, but Sam ran right over it, more concerned about being struck by lightning. As the boy and the dog reached their home, Sam heard a voice that didn't sound like any human voice he had ever heard. Since that day, Sam has been able to understand the voice of any animal or human, and comprehend the language that they speak in (limited to only the words he can hear, unless Sam studies the language extensively). When Sam develops a close relationship with someone, he is able to hear prominent inner thoughts, but only if he is concentrating exclusively on hearing the thoughts.

Be confusing. Be stunning. Be awkward, imperfect, beautiful, singular, exhaustingly complex you!
--Isabel Zacharias



01-16-17 06:55:14



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