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Character: Phil Kisch

Name: Phil Kisch
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Short Bio: Phil is an art student studying in Georgia for the semester, often painting pictures in the town. This is actually a return to Tonka Bay for him, having been born here in 1972. His old home was a mansion that many considered to be haunted, and from the ceiling above his bed was an old harpoon from the 18th century that had killed a legendary whale known as the "Ghost Whale". In the present, Phil tries to make enough money to keep attending college by painting portraits and other pictures.
Personality: Phil is an optimist, despite (or perhaps because of) the fact that he's barely scraped by every year in his financial life. He is often naïve as well, easily trusting and easily fooled.
Ability (get creative!): From the harpoon, Phil was granted the ability to exactly memorize the appearance of anything from one look, be it a person, ancient document, or building.



01-16-17 06:42:47



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