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General Roleplay Rules.

Below is an overview of the general side of roleplaying. Read thoroughly if you are a new user.

1. Obligatory "No Mary Sues or Powerplaying" rule.

A Mary Sue, traditionally speaking, is a character that is generally "perfect" in some way. This character may never face a conflict, or may be liked by every single character s/he comes across, or may have an ability so strong that fighting them is just not an option. Avoid creating such characters like the plague, because they make roleplay much less fun for everyone. What's the point of a plot if there's nothing fun about it?

Powerplaying, also known as godmodding and various other terms, is the act of "controlling" another player's character, or events outside their control. An example of powerplaying is this: Bob and Dylan are in a fight. Dylan writes:

I punch Bob in the face. All Bob's facial bones are broken.

Bob has no chance to defend himself, despite being a perfectly normal human being. If Bob is subject to whatever Dylan says, why should Bob play at all? His character is no longer his own. A better post for Dylan would be:

My fist flies towards Bob's face.

Now Bob has a chance to defend himself. Note that Dylan doesn't even say "I punch Bob in the face." This way, Bob even has a chance to dodge. Now, don't take this to mean he can just dodge everything Dylan sends his way. Unless special circumstances are involved, Bob would simply be making the fight uninteresting, and approaching Mary Sue levels of fighting prowess at that.

2. When entering an RP at a place that isn't the beginning, make sure it's okay for you to join.

The beginning is a great place to enter an RP. But, you can't always join at the beginning of an RP. That's unfortunate, right? What are you supposed to do? Well, first, you should be familiar with the story of the RP so far. Ask a member if you're not sure, or if there's too much to read. Then, be sure where you're entering is a good place for you to enter. A great place to enter would be at a time where not much is happening. Say the main characters are doing some detective work, and they're stumped. Now is a great time for you to show up, even if you don't have any leads yourself. Nothing much is going on, so your entrance will at least pique the interest of a few of the other characters.

A bad place to enter would be in the middle of a tense situation, like a fight or a confrontation. Imagine you and your friends are dealing the final blow to your greatest enemy, and all of a sudden some guy walks in and asks what's going on. Or, you and another character are having a really big argument, and then some girl you've never seen before walks in and asks if she's interrupting. Of course she is.

3. Make sure your characters are well-thought out and semi-interesting.

You don't need to plan out an entire character's life, but make sure your characters have some sort of personality and motivation. A shallow, one-dimensional character is boring to RP with.

Let's bring back Bob and Dylan. Say Bob is a young man running for mayor, but for now is an archaeologist searching for a charm that'll give him extraordinary persuasion powers. This is all a secret from the other characters, mind you. Enter Dylan, a member of his expedition team. Dylan's entire character revolves around his negative attitude toward everything. Every time Bob says something, Dylan finds a way to make it negative. Dylan's backstory for this? He's a negative guy. That's boring. No one wants to play with Dylan after a while.

4. Keep your personal stuff out of the roleplay.

Roleplays are escapism, like books or vidya games. Don't drag real life stuff into it.

On a related note, your character isn't you. If a character attacks your character, they are not attacking you. If a character is in love with your character, they are (probably) not in love with you.

5. Interact with the other characters.

This is more of a suggestion than a rule, but it's a super strong suggestion. Interaction drives the RP's plot. If you refuse to interact with the other characters, no plot happens.



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