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Fine Bubble Diffuser manufacturers

Sewage treatment air diffuser introduction
Whole Aeration system includes the  aerator(bubble diffuser) gas distribution pipes, tees, crosses, elbows,  regulators, connectors, cleaning devices and other components. Usually gas  distribution pipelines is the usual circular arrangement, diffuser quantity is  according to the air capacity and ponds size. The diffuser and gas distribution  pipelines using G3 / 4 threaded connection, the base is inner thread (fixed in  the pipeline), diffuser is externally threaded.
Sewage treatment air diffuser features
a. Small Bubble diameter
b. Large gas-liquid working area
c. Bubble spread evenly, no clogging
d. Strong corrosion resistance
e. High aeration efficiency
f. Long life, sustainable working and good seal  performance
g. Sludge fall off easily
Installation for sewage treatment air diffuser
1.fix the regulator in the down of the  ponds via expansion bolts
2.Install the gas pipeline into the  regulator by using hoop, then adjust
3.To prevent the aeration equipment, should  install the system after building works finished, then pour water into ponds.
4.To avoid leak between the pipeline and  connection parts, should test the system by water in advance(water should be  10cm exceed the diffuser),then ventilate the system.
Our Service
1. Reply your inquiry within 24 business hours.
2. Experienced staff answer all your questions promptly.
3. Our well-trained professional engineers and staff can provide  our clients with unique and unique solutions.
4. We will choose the most cost-effective logistics and  transportation for customers according to the quantity purchased.
5. We will send you free spare parts if the product problem is  caused by us.
6. If it is man-made problem, we also send spare parts, but it  will be charged. Any questions, You can call us directly.Fine Bubble Diffuser manufacturers



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