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Where There's Smoke...

Miles realized how lucky he was to have a shift that started in the middle of the day on Saturday. It was difficult to find a job uptown that didn't go crazy with the hours. Then, he realized he didn't have a phone.

This was due in part to a sequence of events causing him to pat his pockets. A mosquito flew overhead, and Miles swatted at it. As he did so, he caught a whiff of something acrid. He looked up and around. A trail of black smoke led to his nose from far away. Fire.

Miles activated his ability. Rubber bands formed close to the ground, and Miles began to run, placing his feet towards the back of the bands, as they snapped shut and propelled him forwards. As he got closer, he began to shout for help. "Someone call 911! Is there anyone around?"



02-05-17 01:21:59



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