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Character: Miles Valequez

Name: Miles Valequez
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Short Bio: Miles was born downtown, but moved uptown at the age of 5. He never had any qualms about using his ability in public, although he's done what he can to keep it mostly secret. Most believe he's just very talented.
Personality: Miles loves to laugh. When he's not telling a joke, he's probably (lightly) teasing someone else. He can, however, go too far. Besides that, Miles has a strong sense of justice, willing and ready to save those who are innocent.
Ability (get creative!): Miles has the ability to create strong, ethereal rubber bands. If used in the air, he can form a simple band that can expand and contract. If used on an object, that object becomes made of taut rubber bands (e.g., if used on a computer, it would not function until the effect is removed, and Miles would be able to pluck and bend parts of the computer as though they were rubber bands stretched in the form of the object).



02-05-17 01:14:36



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